A Brand Rooted in Intergenerational Beauty

Mary Louise Cosmetics honors the beauty secrets and traditions passed down through generations. It celebrates the deep-rooted connections within families and the timeless rituals that have kept skin radiant for ages. Each product is a tribute to the wisdom of ancestors, offering a blend of heritage-inspired ingredients and modern skincare innovation. My grandmothers Mary (maternal), and Louise (paternal), along with the other influential and strong women in my family, are the inspiration behind our mission to revive beauty traditions. 

Mary Louise not only offers effective skincare products but also creates a sense of belonging and shared heritage, inviting customers to connect with their family's beauty traditions while embracing modern skincare innovations.

I'm so thrilled that you get to be apart of this journey with me. If you have any questions, want to share your intergenerational beauty story (or just want to say hi)...you can reach us at support@mymarylouise.com. 

With love, 

-Akilah Mary Louise Releford, Founder & CEO