Manifesting the Life (and Skin) of Your Dreams... | by Sophia Gomez

Manifesting the Life (and Skin) of Your Dreams...   | by Sophia Gomez

There’s something special about loving your truest self so genuinely that it almost makes you feel untouchable. I’m talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I truly hope for a lot of us to be able to understand the benefits of investing in your best self whether spiritually, physically, mentally, or emotionally. Between the law of attraction and Mary Louise Cosmetics, it’s safe to say these were two of the main things that changed my life in ways I never knew I needed. As many of us have experienced at one point or another, I battled with my insecurities. My confidence was shot, my breakouts weren’t helping, I mean it’s the high school experience we hear about and wish we’d never have to go through. I never cared for my self or skin the way I do these days. I’ve come a very long way.

My spiritual journey is what gave me the push I needed to realize that it’s up to me to decide how i’m going to feel and how I would live as long as I’m still on this earth. Once we let go of the idea that the world “owes us” everything, we finally allow ourselves to really grow and evolve from within. Understanding that WE are the architects of our lives. We build it’s foundation, and we choose its content. We owe ourselves that much. When you focus on becoming your best self you start to really welcome genuine peace, love, and joy. Your manifestations come into fruition effortlessly; and I use that word lightly because it’s important for us to always put forth the effort in some shape, way, or form.

Once we fully understand that thoughts do become things we’d be much more mindful of the things we allow to roll off of our tongues. Needless to say, some things are easier said than done but when you begin to walk in your truth everything else falls into place around you. The universe is your friend. She’s been mine for a very long time. Who knew following Akilah on Twitter would shift a lot of things. It was inspiring to see someone else look at life differently when you too felt so passionate about making others feel good. To read about her love for wellness and feeling your best self naturally was such a plus.

Alignment felt like such an understatement. I decided to trust her and her products; best thing I’ve ever done. I lived for her use of organic ingredients, the simplicity. I couldn’t believe my skin would look/feel the way it did. My skin truly loves every product, I can’t go too long without them. Was it some sort of crazy attachment? Maybe. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way because I still choose MLC every time. I’ve always called it my holy grail and now look at me.. I’m continuously evolving spiritually, growing mentally, and glowing both internally and externally and it’s all thanks to Akilah and the secret to life. If there’s anything I’d want for us all to remember, it would be this- Don’t talk yourself into feeling like self care is a chore. Instead view this as a blessing, fortunate enough to feel you’re very best even on the days where you don’t even try your hardest.


Sophia Gomez

Age: 22

Location: Holyoke, MA 

Favorite Mary Louise Product: Mississippi Mud Mask

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