Self Care is the New Going Out | by Donnelle Branche

Self Care is the New Going Out | by Donnelle Branche

Sometimes life can get so busy that we can’t even catch a break. Especially if you’re a dream chaser like myself, the grind doesn’t stop and you barely get a chance to breathe. However, you can’t be your best self without making sure you’re taken care of! Being a boss comes at a cost, but not at the price of losing yourself. Putting ourselves first can be the hardest thing to do when we’re drowned in checking off our to-do lists and just trying to make work-life balance a comfortable reality. The pressures of society and to look perfect from social media and “the world's” standards don’t help in taking the pressure off. It makes putting self-love and care first feel like a second job.   

I would often find that when I’m too stressed out and life is taking a toll, I don’t excel the way I should at work, home, and even with friends and family. My day-to-day would get so hectic that I would be bogged down with responsibilities, spreading myself thin and thinking of myself last if at all, so I switched up my self-care routine to fit my schedule and give the world the best version of me. 

I started working out 4 times a week and on the days I can’t work out, I try to stay active even if it’s going on a short walk. I eat well-balanced and nutritional meals to make sure I get the extra energy my body needs which is necessary on days without 8 hours of sleep. Most importantly, I implemented Self Care Sunday’s!

Every Sunday I make sure I set aside at least an hour of time for meditation and reflection and my favorite, skincare! Whether that’s drawing myself a warm bath and putting on my Mary Louise Mississippi Mud Mask or blasting my favorite playlist and taking a steam shower for the perfect at-home facial with my Mary Louise Miracle Serum. While I do these things, I physically or mentally make a list of what I want for myself that week because manifestation is everything. When you speak aloud what you want for yourself, there’s an energy and power that works in your favor and keeps you in the mental space necessary to achieve your dreams. You can even make it a girl's night too so your whole crew is getting the love they deserve. 

I found that the more I made time to gather myself every Sunday before the week ahead,  the less stressed I’d feel and the more ready I would be to conquer the week! When I look good on the outside and I’m mentally clear, I feel like a boss everywhere I go and people feed off of that energy, especially with my MLC glow!

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Age/Location:  23, Dallas,TX
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