Getting through the Seasons: Invest in YOURSELF

Getting through the Seasons: Invest in YOURSELF


The beautiful thing about life is the seasons; the seasons that change throughout our daily lives. We are all in a continuous movement forward and often times we can feel as if we are not caught up and need our world to slow down. What we feel, and experience every day, differs from one person to the next, whether mentally, spiritually, emotionally or physically. Each of us has a different story and needs but something I believe we can all learn to do in order to have more control of our seasons in life is investing in ourselves. 

As a young woman through the years, I can admit I’ve spent a lot of time seeking approval, worrying about others and not understanding who I was. It has taken time and experiences to realize where I needed to grow and who I wanted to be. Although, I’m still changing and learning about myself every day, I am proud of the journey I’ve had to self-awareness and self-love. I’ve learned that the world isn’t always kind or accepting and it’s vital to take the time and energy to pour into yourself so that you can provide abundantly in all aspects that you need. Learning who you are and what you stand for as well as how to take care of yourself on a multitude of levels is the best way to spend your time.

It is important to know that you and I, as well as everyone you know go through stages of life that can be happy, sad, overwhelming, painful, joyous, new, and busy amongst many more. If we can identify and understand our seasons we can accept and learn how to take care of ourselves through all the phases. As a young entrepreneur and esthetician I am always on the go. This is my season. Balancing school, my profession and goals, my personal life and relationships is my day to day. I am in a transitional phase from my previous educational degree to my new career and entrepreneurship journey. It can be stressful at times but I find peace through knowing when and how to choose what is best for myself. 

 When I know I need to set some time for myself after a busy week, I don’t hesitate to resort to my skin. There is something so peaceful and relaxing to me when I tend to my skin, whether that’s through a quick double-cleanse or a whole facial, start to finish. I spend time doing what I love, which is usually revolved around skin and discovering new products and regimens. Other ways I choose to invest in myself and understanding where I am at mentally, is through nourishing myself and making sure I have a set time to relax and unwind. I do a lot of self-reflection and often recharge with podcasts and posts that are motivational to keep me going. Learning what feels good to you will help you assess and get through your season.

I want you to take the time to reflect and identify what season you’re currently in. What is it that is going to help you get you through this phase of life? Is it spiritual, taking more time to assess yourself mentally, taking care of yourself physically or emotionally? Whatever this season needs, go through this list I’ve created on ways you can take to invest in yourself! Understand that each season will need a different approach so feel free to adjust these to your necessity and what works for you. Here are 10 tips to get you through your season:


  1. Set boundaries for yourself, your time, relationships and your expectations
  2. Take the time to care for your physical self
  3. Practice setting realistic and attainable goals
  4. Dedicate at least 30 minutes a day doing something to better yourself: be creative, learn a new skill or pick up an old hobby
  5. Learn what it is you do and don’t like and when to say yes and no
  6. Practice positive affirmations: tell yourself 5 positive things you love about yourself and are grateful for every day
  7. Learn your limits, check in with YOU: ask yourself how you are feeling today
  8. Take out the trash: get rid of the negative areas in your life that are not bringing you peace 
  9. Allow yourself quiet time: to reflect, meditate, be in your own presence or simply to have a break

10. Invest in your skin! Get a facial! Buy some MLC and glow girl!



I wish you peace and ease through your seasons! Feel free to add me on my social media provided for any skin or general questions or concerns!


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