The Business of Beauty | by Deja Austin

The Business of Beauty | by Deja Austin

As a business owner, life is busy and most of the time stressful. I learned the hard way how important it is to set aside time for self-care. At one point in time I found myself working day in and day out, stressed, and developing heavy anxiety. At this time, I was so indulged in my job and my business that I wasn’t making sure that I was taking time out for myself each week. After realizing how much lack of consistency in self-care was taking a toll on my skin, body, and mental health I started to make an effort to be consistent in putting aside time for myself and never looked back! Check out a few of the ways that I balance out self-care and my work life!

1. 15-30 Minute Daily Skin Care Routine
If there’s anything I love more than being a boss babe, it’s my skin care time! Leave me to play
with a few all-natural products and you may not hear from me for about an hour. :) Each
morning before I get ready for the day, I take about 15-30 minutes for my skincare routine. This
time usually includes cleansing, masking, steaming, and moisturizing. This time is my favorite
part of the day and a great way to get it started!

2. 20 Minute Meditation
Although I haven’t mastered meditation, I have found that it is a great way to sort of “reset”
your mind in the middle of a crazy day. As a beginner meditator, I sometimes find it hard to
concentrate on 1 thing or nothing at all. If this is you, don’t worry, this is normal for beginners.
Be consistent in meditating often and your mind will eventually adjust!

3. Mental Health Mondays
If it isn’t already, add checking in on your mental health to your self-care routine. A few of my
best friends and I do a mental health check each Monday and allow for each other to share
what’s happening in our lives that may be affecting our mental health. This is a great excise that
I found be very relieving. By practicing “Mental Health Mondays” we give each other a safe
place to brain dump the things that may bother, hurt, anger, excite, or even make us happy
while also being able to break down those things with people who understand and care about
our well-being.
If you haven’t already found ways to incorporate self/personal care into your daily routine, find
them! Although our jobs, businesses, and school are all important none of it will matter if our
temples (ourselves/bodies) are not okay. You may find it impossible to find time to do some of
the things that I mentioned, but you make time for what you want! Want better for yourself
and everything else will fall into place.

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